William Golden

William Golden, the chief architect of CBS’s corporate identity from 1937 until his death in 1959, looked to the best of modern design for inspiration. He believed that good design was less about self-expression than about sparking interest in the network and its programming. These dynamic corporate advertisements for CBS, art-directed by Golden, were published in Fortune magazine, known for its high-design aesthetic.

Advertisements for Fortune magazine art directed by William Golden, 1949-1958

“Westinghouse makes sure of a ‘third term,’” September 1959

“Who stands out in front of your store?” Ben Rose, artist, January 1949

“Inside U.S.A.,” April 1949

“It is now tomorrow,” with photograph by Paul Strand, September 1949

“Power to communicate,” Joseph Hirsch, artist, February 1958

“Supersalesman,” Don Briggs, artist, May 1954

“This man is dangerous,” May 1950

“Ambassador for television,” with portrait of Edward R. Murrow drawn by René Robert Bouché, February 1952