Georg Olden

While the experimental nature of television—and the political progressiveness of many of its pioneers—made it remarkably open to diversity at mid-century, it was slow to embrace women (behind the camera) and people of color. Georg Olden, the CBS director of graphic design, was one of the first African Americans to hold an executive position at a network. He was an ardent champion of contemporary art, commissioning on-air art and title cards by modern artists. “The door is open for artists on TV,” he proclaimed in 1954.



On-Air Title Cards for the CBS Television Network, 1950–1954

  1. Richard Lindner, designer, The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners
  2. Burton Freund, designer, A Man and Two Gods
  3. Edward Chavez, designer, Thunder on Sycamore Street
  4. John Groth, designer, Herman Came by Bomber
  5. René Robert Bouché, designer, Paul’s Apartment
  6. Antonio Frasconi, designer, A Bargain with God
  7. Henry Koerner, designer, Dry Run
  8. Dong Kingman, designer, George Orwell’s 1984